From concept to growing business

DIRECT‑TO‑PATIENT MEDIA GmbH was founded on the fringes of the Northern Black Forest by CEO Christian Lindenau. It all began with the idea for Happy Mom! Following his vision to provide expecting mothers with all relevant information, Christian Lindenau set out to place this knowledge at their fingertips right from the moment their first pregnancy is confirmed. The “Happy Mom” concept has been reviewed and approved by the Professional Association of Gynaecologists. Today the handsome bag, replete with well-founded information and gorgeous samples, forms an integral part of the gynaecological examinations performed during pregnancy.

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Inspired by the success of the Happy Mom bag, the affiliated Professional Association of Paediatricians engaged DIRECT‑TO‑PATIENT MEDIA GmbH to develop a suitable product for new parents’ first paediatric appointment with their baby. Our media have now been a fixture in gynaecological and paediatric practices for the past 15 years.

Since its formation, DIRECT‑TO‑PATIENT MEDIA GmbH has progressed to a family business with a growing number of team members united by a shared vision.

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We are family!

Christian Lindenau - Geschäftsführer und Gründer

Christian Lindenau
CEO and Founder

Cara Lindenau - Geschäftsleitung

Cara Lindenau
Company Management

Camilla Lindenau - Leiterin Arzt- und Communitybetreuung

Camilla Lindenau
Head of Doctors’ and Community Support Services

Melanie Maier - Projekt-Managerin

Melanie Maier
Project Manager

Alexa Pfeiffer - Arztbetreuung

Alexa Pfeiffer
Doctors’ Support Services

Samantha Keranen - Auszubildende

Samantha Keranen

Daniela Bougoust - Grafikerin

Daniela Boudgoust
Graphic Designer

Boris Arnold - Ansprechpartner Logistik

Boris Arnold
Logistics Contact

Frieder Haase - IT Berater

Frieder Haase
IT Consultant

Regine Hauch - Redakteurin

Regine Hauch