Happy Youth, the bag for the adolescent health check-up J1, was successfully introduced to paediatric practices in 2011.
97 % of the practitioners consider the Happy Youth bag to be an asset to the J1 consultation and have awarded the bag the school grade: 1,6!
The Happy Youth bag is available in two different versions: one for girls and one for boys! Central feature of the bags: the Happy Youth magazine, written by leading adolescent health care providers!

The popular bag for the adolescent health check-up J1 at pediatric practices. One bag for girls and one for boys offer a first touchpoint with the teenage target group between the ages of 12 and 15. Your samples and information received by a medical professional make a difference!


The Happy Youth magazine for boys and girls was written by leading practitioners in adolescent medicine under the guidance of the Professional Association of Pediatricians, and is sent to pediatric practices on request and subject to charges. Your advertorial is incorporated perfectly.


All contents are now also integrated in the Happy Youth app. An interesting knowledge-quiz creates awareness!