Happy Mom was the idea that started the ball rolling!

The Happy Mom bag is presented by the gynaecologist when the first pregnancy is established, along with the pregnancy health record.
The Happy Mom magazine, which is a central feature of this high-quality bag, was devised in cooperation with the Professional Association of Gynaecologists.


Only the Happy Mom bag has been issued with the recommendation of the Professional Association of Gynaecologists and was designed for presentation to first-time mothers along with the pregnancy health record. The most emotional touchpoint! In conjunction with the direct recommendation of the gynaecologist, our high-quality bag provides the ideal environment for your product and your information to generate interest and motivation on the part of the expectant mother. 


The Happy Mom magazine is the central feature of the Happy Mom bag and contains all the important information for first-time mothers. It was written by leading gynaecologists and nutritional scientists. Your advertorial will catch the eye in a unique moment.


Our mobile website www.happy-mom.de is the mother’s trusted companion on her exciting journey through pregnancy and her baby’s first year. And you are along for the ride!