Young parents are presented with the Happy Mom & Baby bag at their first paediatric appointment (U2/U3). The „Guidelines for young parents“ were written in cooperation with the Professional Association of Paediatricians and cover all relevant issues for young parents with newborn babies. Following the German school grading system, participating paediatricians have awarded the Happy Mom & Baby bag the grade 1,8 on a scale of 1 (very good) to 6 (unsatisfactory).

Touchpoint Paediatric Practice! At the time of the U2/U3 examination of the newborn, young parents need advice and recommendations. Directly from their doctor! All contents are approved by the Professional Association of Paediatricians. The attractive Mom & Baby bag showcases your sample and your information in a neat and orderly way. A good start!


The guidelines for young parents are a standard in paediatric practices and a key feature of the Happy Mom & Baby bag. Your advertorial will be read by parents who take your recommendations to heart.


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