Gym bag and information magazine for the health check-up for primary-school starters (U9):
 Successful start with paediatricians and patients.
The “Fit for school” project is being continued after its successful launch in 2016. Future first-graders receive a gym bag from their pediatrician at the time of the U9 health check-up, while the parents are presented with the “KoSoMo” magazine, featuring a variety of health and fitness tips for their child.

The contents of the gym bag as well as the editorial content of the magazine are reviewed and approved by the Professional Association of Paediatricians. 86 percent of the practice owners taking part in the survey stated that the “Fit for school” gym bag brought added value to their consultations.
Receiving an average grade of 1,5 (based on the German school grading system), the project achieved an above-average rating. 100 percent of the users pronounced the information obtained to be reliable and 93 percent confirmed that their doctor had drawn their attention to the contents unprompted.

The stylish “Fit for school” gym bag serves as a medium for a variety of useful samples and brochures. Ranging from educational tools for preschoolers and initial timetables to dietary recommendations and breakfast tips, the undivided attention of the target group is guaranteed!

Your samples and materials for the parents of preschoolers reach the target group directly – presented by the paediatrician at the time of the health check-up for primary-school starters (U9)!

A comprehensive and conclusive survey among doctors and an online survey conducted among parents provide a complete picture of this touchpoint with future potential!


Our family magazine to kick off school life stands for:

KOgnitive (cognitive),
SOcial  and

skills – KOSOMO!


The family magazine was written by Ms. Regine Hauch, editor at “Kinder- und Jugendarzt”, a journal for paediatricians, and author of the book “Kindheit ist keine Krankheit” (Childhood isn’t an Illness).

Your advertorial in our family magazine KOSOMO will attract the young parents’ attention effectively!